A little bit about myself

Dr. Ziad Al Achkar

About Me:

Passionate about the intersection of technology and international affairs, I earned my PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University in August 2023. My research delves into the transformative potential of digital technologies and remote sensing, with a focus on enhancing ethical and responsible practices.

Research Focus:

In my dissertation project, I explore the concept of humanitarian legibility, investigating how digitalization and data impact the work of humanitarians. By examining the influence of partnerships with the private tech sector, I aim to understand the evolving dynamics in the humanitarian space. A critical aspect of my research is unraveling the relationship between local communities and modern digital humanitarian action, exploring the nuances of localization in an increasingly digital world. 

Professional Focus:

Driven by a keen interest in leveraging digital technologies for societal betterment, I actively seek opportunities to build partnerships among private sector organizations, public entities, and civil society groups.

Speaking Engagements:

Frequently sharing insights from my research and work experience, I welcome opportunities to connect with individuals and organizations operating in the dynamic space where technology and humanitarian efforts converge.

Let's Connect:

I am eager to engage in conversations and collaborations. If you share an interest in the responsible use of digital technologies or are involved in similar work, I would love to connect.

 “Human Subject Research and Digital Protocols.” Presented at Personal Data Summit (September 2020).